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News history
Release history

News history

Date News
Year 2018
2018/12/27 CAWT version 2.4.3 released.
2018/04/26 CAWT version 2.4.2 released.
Year 2017
2017/12/30 CAWT version 2.4.1 released.
2017/06/18 CAWT version 2.4.0 released.
Year 2016
2016/12/10 CAWT version 2.3.1 released.
2016/08/16 CAWT version 2.3.0 released.
Year 2015
2015/12/12 CAWT version 2.2.0 released.
2015/11/10 CAWT version 2.1.2 released.
2015/10/31 CAWT version 2.1.1 released.
2015/09/01 CAWT version 2.1.0 released.
2015/03/31 CAWT version 2.0.0 released.
Year 2014
2014/12/14 CAWT version 1.2.0 released.
2014/08/30 CAWT version 1.1.0 released.
2014/06/14 CAWT version 1.0.7 released.
2014/04/21 CAWT version 1.0.6 released.
2014/01/26 CAWT version 1.0.5 released.
Year 2013
2013/11/23 CAWT version 1.0.4 released.
2013/08/30 CAWT version 1.0.3 released.
2013/07/28 CAWT version 1.0.2 released.
2013/04/28 CAWT version 1.0.1 released.
Year 2012
2012/12/23 TcomOffice is now CAWT. CAWT version 1.0.0 released.
Year 2011
2011/08/28 New version 0.4.1 of TcomOffice released.
2011/07/17 New version 0.4.0 of TcomOffice (formerly known as TcomExcel) released.
2011/04/05 New version 0.3.2 of TcomExcel released.
2011/01/13 New version 0.3.1 of TcomExcel released.
Year 2010
2010/10/29 New version 0.3 of TcomExcel released.
Year 2009
2009/09/19 New version 0.2 of TcomExcel released.
Year 2008
2008/09/11 New extension TcomExcel released as version 0.1.

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Release history

Date Version Release information
Year 2018
2018/12/27 2.4.3 Support for Office 2019.
  • Added script DocumentInfo.tcl to retrieve information about Office documents.
  • CawtWord: Extended procedure GetRowRange to use start and end rows. Extended procedure GetNumImages to consider both InlineShapes as well as Shapes.
  • New procedure in CawtOffice: GetOfficeType
  • New procedure in CawtExcel: AddSeriesTrendLine
  • New procedures in CawtPpt: GetCommentKeyTopPosition, GetNumShapes, GetPresImages, GetPresVideos, GetShapeId, GetShapeMediaType, GetShapeName, GetShapeType, InsertVideo, SetShapeName, SetMediaPlaySettings
  • New procedures in CawtWord: CollapseRange, CopyRange, DeleteTable, GetImageList, GetPageSetup, GetRowId, GetTableIdByName, GetTableName, IsVisible, MergeCells, ScreenUpdate, SetCellVerticalAlignment, SetHeadingFormat, SetRowHeight, SetTableName
  • External packages: Updated Tablelist to version 6.3. Updated Img to version 1.4.8. Updated Twapi to version 4.3.5. Updated tDOM to version 0.9.1.
2018/04/26 2.4.2 Enhanced functionality in several modules.
  • CawtPpt: Added new configure options for shapes: -beginsite, -endsite Added new configure option for connectors: -weight
  • CawtWord: Corrected procedure SetDocumentProperty.
  • New procedures in CawtExcel: Import, CopyColumn, SetChartSourceByIndex, SetChartTitle, GetChartNumSeries, GetChartSeries, SetSeriesLineWidth
  • New procedures in CawtPpt: SetPresPageSetup, SetHyperlinkToSlide, GetNumSites
  • New procedures in CawtWord: DeleteRow, SetRangeMergeCells
Year 2017
2017/12/30 2.4.1 Enhanced functionality in Outlook module.
  • CawtOutlook: Added handling of appointments, calendars and categories. Added ability to read and apply Outlook holiday files.
  • CawtExcel: Added ability to save CSV files in UTF-8 format.
  • New procedures in CawtExcel: CreateRangeString SetChartTicks
  • New procedures in CawtWord: AddImageTable GetImageId GetImageName GetNumImages ReplaceImage SetImageName CountWords
  • External packages: Updated Tablelist to version 6.0. Updated Twapi to version 4.2.12. Updated tDOM to version 0.9.0. Updated Img to version 1.4.7.
2017/06/18 2.4.0 New module CawtReader.
  • Compatibility issue: Excel::ExcelFileToHtmlFile has changed signature. Now uses parameter args for extended options.
  • CawtReader: Added basic functionality for Acrobat Reader (not via COM).
  • CawtExcel: Extended module excelHtml to convert Excel hyperlinks.
  • New procedures in CawtWord: IsValidCell
  • External packages: Updated Tablelist to version 5.17. Updated Twapi to version 4.2a5.
Year 2016
2016/12/10 2.3.1 Enhanced functionality in Core and Office modules.
  • CawtExcel: Extended Excel module excelImgRaw to support 16-bit integer images.
  • New procedures in CawtCore: CheckBoolean
  • New procedures in CawtExcel: GetCellComment
  • New procedures in CawtWord: Search SetRangeFontBackgroundColor
  • External packages: Updated Img (32 and 64 bit) to version 1.4.6. Updated Tablelist to version 5.16.
2016/08/16 2.3.0 New module CawtOneNote.
  • Compatibility issue: Excel::GetRangeAsIndex now returns a 2-element (cell) or 4-element (range) list. Previous behaviour was to always return a 4-element list.
  • CawtOneNote: Added basic functionality for Microsoft OneNote. Added script OneNoteInfo.tcl to retrieve information from OneNote.
  • New procedures in CawtExcel: DuplicateColumn, DuplicateRow, GetHiddenRows, HideRow, InsertColumn, InsertRow, GetColumnNumber, ShowWorksheet, IsWorksheetEmpty, GetRangeWrapText, SetRangeWrapText, SetRangeValues, GetRangeValues, IsWorkbookId, GetWorkbookIdByName, IsWorkbookOpen, SetNamedRange, GetNamedRange, GetNamedRangeNames
  • New procedures in CawtOutlook: CreateHtmlMail.
  • External packages: Updated Tablelist to version 5.15. Updated Twapi to version 4.2a3. New package tDOM 0.8.3 (needed for CawtOneNote).
Year 2015
2015/12/12 2.2.0 Enhanced functionality in Core and Office modules.
  • Compatibility issue: Excel::AddWorksheet now adds the new sheet at the end, as was already written in the documentation. Previous behaviour was to insert before active worksheet.
  • New module CawtOffice: Moved basic Office procedures into namespace Office. Added aliases in namespace Cawt for backwards compatibility. Added new enumeration constants file for basic Office types based on type library in mso.dll.
  • CawtCore: Colors can now be specified in hex notation, Tcl color names, RGB or as Office color numbers.
  • CawtExcel: Extended SetLinkToCell to copy number format when linking. Extended SetRangeFormat to accept Excel style number formats. Extended SetHyperlinkToFile to accept relative path names. Corrected hyperlinking to relative file names.
  • New procedures in CawtCore: GetColor, GetColorNames, IsHexColor, IsNameColor, IsOfficeColor, IsRgbColor OfficeColorToRgb, RgbToOfficeColor.
  • New procedures in CawtExcel: CopyRange, GetCurrencyFormat, GetRangeFormat.
  • New procedures in CawtPpt: AddShape, ConfigureShape, ConnectShapes, ConfigureConnector.
  • New procedures in CawtWord: SetHyperlinkToFile.
2015/11/10 2.1.2 Enhanced functionality and bug fixes.
  • Extended support for Excel page setup.
  • Changed all Office procedures with size parameters to accept inches, centimeters or points.
  • CawtExcel: Corrected SetWorksheetFitToPages to accept zero as values for wide and tall parameters. Zero indicates automatic determination of number of pages.
  • New procedures in CawtCore: SetPrinterCommunication, ValueToPoints, PointsToCentiMeters, PointsToInches.
  • New procedures in CawtExcel: SetWorksheetPrintOptions, SetWorksheetPaperSize, SetWorksheetMargins, SetWorksheetFooter, SetWorksheetHeader.
2015/10/31 2.1.1 Support for Office 2016.
  • Added support for Office 2016. Updated enumerations.
  • Updated Tablelist to version 5.14.
2015/09/01 2.1.0 Enhanced functionality and bug fixes.
  • Updated Twapi to version 4.2.a1, because of new Twapi functionality "tclcast bstr" and bug fix to retrieve document properties. Added support to generate a CAWT starpack.
  • CawtExcel: Take hidden flag of both Excel and tablelist columns into account in procedures TablelistToWorksheet and WorksheetToTablelist. Fixed SetCellValue and SetRangeFormat using new TclString procedure.
  • CawtPpt: Extended functionality of ExportPptFile and ExportSlides to take into account slide comments regarding export file names.
  • New procedures in in CawtCore: TclString.
  • New procedures in CawtExcel: DeleteColumn, DeleteRow, HideColumn, GetHiddenColumns, GetDecimalSeparator (replacing GetFloatSeparator), GetThousandsSeparator, GetNumberFormat (replacing GetLangNumberFormat).
  • New procedures in in CawtPpt: AddTextbox, AddTextboxText, SetTextboxFontSize, GetNumComments, GetComments, GetCommentKeyValue.
  • New procedures in CawtWord: AddContentControl, SetContentControlDropdown, SetContentControlText, GetDocumentProperties, GetDocumentProperty, SetDocumentProperty.
2015/03/31 2.0.0 Ensembled all CAWT namespaces.
  • Ensembled all CAWT namespaces, ex. write "Excel Open" instead of "::Excel::Open".
  • All Office enumerations are stored in module specific hash tables, ex. write "xlThick" instead of "$::Excel::xlThick".
  • Updated and extended user manual (automatic insertion of CAWT procedure reference list).
  • Added new application EnumExplorer.tcl to display Office enumerations.
  • New module excelHtml.tcl for HTML export of Excel tables.
  • Updated Twapi to version 4.1.27.
  • Updated Img (32 and 64 bit) to version 1.4.3.
  • Updated Tablelist to version 5.13.
  • CawtExcel: New implementation of InsertImage based on Shapes.AddPicture instead of Pictures.Insert.
  • CawtWord: Extended procedure UpdateFields to additionally update TablesOfContents and TablesOfFigures of a document.
  • New procedures in CawtCore: GetApplicationVersion, IsApplicationId, PushComObjects, PopComObjects, PrintNumComObjects, CheckComObjects, GetComObjects, GetNumComObjects, Replaced procedure IsValidId with IsComObject
  • New procedures in CawtExcel: GetRangeAsIndex, GetRangeAsString, GetRangeTextColor.
  • New procedures in CawtWord: ScaleImage, SetInternalHyperlink, InsertFile, DiffWordFile
Year 2014
2014/12/14 1.2.0 New CawtWord procedures.
  • Compatibility issue: Incompatible changes in module CawtWord. Removed parameter docId from all procedures, which had both docId and rangeId parameters: SetRangeStartIndex, SetRangeEndIndex, ExtendRange, AddText, SetHyperlink, AddTable.
  • CawtExcel: Added optional startRow parameter to TablelistToWorksheet.
  • Extended test suite for changed and new procedures.
  • New procedures in CawtWord: GetDocumentId, SetRangeFontUnderline, CreateRangeAfter, InsertCaption, ConfigureCaption, AddBookmark, GetBookmarkName, SetLinkToBookmark, GetListGalleryId, GetListTemplateId, InsertList
2014/08/30 1.1.0 New CawtOutlook package.
  • Compatibility issue: Incompatible changes in module CawtWord. Unified signatures of AddText, AppendText and AddParagraph, AppendParagraph. Changed handling of text ranges.
  • New module CawtOutlook to control Microsoft Outlook applications. Currently only functionality for creating and sending mails is implemented.
  • Extended test suite for changed and new procedures.
  • New procedures in CawtExcel: FreezePanes, ScreenUpdate
  • New procedures in CawtWord: SelectRange, GetRangeInformation, CreateRange, SetRangeFontName, SetRangeStyle, SetRangeFontSize, InsertText, AddText, GetNumCharacters, AddPageBreak, ToggleSpellCheck
2014/06/14 1.0.7 New Excel and PowerPoint utility procedures.
  • Updated Twapi version to official 4.0.61.
  • CawtExcel: Added support for reading and writing CSV files with multi-line cells.
  • CawtPpt: Extended CopySlide to copy slides between presentations. Extended AddPres with optional parameter for template file. Extended AddSlide to supply a custom layout object as type parameter.
  • Extended test suite for changed and new procedures.
  • New procedures in CawtCore: ColorToRgb
  • New procedures in CawtExcel: UseImgTransparency, WorksheetToImg, ImgToWorksheet, SetRowHeight, SetRowsHeight, GetRangeFillColor, SetHyperlinkToFile, SetHyperlinkToCell, SetLinkToCell, SetRangeTooltip
  • New procedures in CawtPpt: MoveSlide, GetTemplateExtString, GetNumCustomLayouts, GetCustomLayoutName, GetCustomLayoutId
2014/04/21 1.0.6 New Excel utility procedures.
  • Improved and extended test suite.
  • Updated Twapi version to 4.0b53 to fix a bug with sparse matrices as well as core dumps with Word 2013.
  • Improved and corrected handling of sparse matrices in Excel.
  • Bug fix in excelCsv module.
  • Possible incompatibility in GetRowValues and GetColumnValues: Changed startRow resp. startCol to default value 0 instead of 1.
  • New procedures in CawtExcel: GetWorksheetAsMatrix, GetMaxRows, GetMaxColumns, GetFirstUsedRow, GetLastUsedRow, GetFirstUsedColumn, GetLastUsedColumn.
  • Updated user and reference manual.
2014/01/26 1.0.5 New Excel utility procedures.
  • New procedures in CawtExcel: SetCommentDisplayMode, SetRangeComment, SetRangeMergeCells, SetRangeFontSubscript, SetRangeFontSuperscript, GetRangeCharacters.
  • Updated user and reference manual.
Year 2013
2013/11/23 1.0.4 Support for Office 2013 and 64-bit Office versions.
  • Added support for Office 2013.
  • Added support for 64-bit Office.
  • Improved test suite.
  • Updated Img extension to version 1.4.2 (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • Updated Tablelist to version 5.10.
  • New procedures in CawtWord: SaveAsPdf, UpdateFields, CropImage.
  • New procedures in CawtExcel: CopyWorksheetBefore, CopyWorksheetAfter, GetWorksheetIndexByName, IsWorksheetProtected, IsWorksheetVisible, SetWorksheetTabColor, UnhideWorksheet, DiffExcelFiles.
  • Updated user and reference manual.
2013/08/30 1.0.3 New Excel utility procedures.
  • New CawtExcel procedures: ExcelFileToMediaWikiFile, ExcelFileToWikitFile, ExcelFileToRawImageFile, RawImageFileToExcelFile, ExcelFileToMatlabFile, MatlabFileToExcelFile, GetTablelistValues, SetTablelistValues.
  • Updated user and reference manual.
2013/07/28 1.0.2 New module CawtOcr.
  • Added new module CawtOcr for automation of Office Document Imaging.
  • Update of Twapi version to 4.0b22.
  • Update of Img version to 1.4.1.
  • New procedures: Excel::SetRangeBorder, Cawt::Clipboard2Img, Cawt::Img2Clipboard.
  • Updated user and reference manual.
2013/04/28 1.0.1 Added CAWT starkits.
  • Update of Twapi version to 4.0a16 (binary starkit compatible version).
  • Added support to create a CAWT Starkit.
  • Extended Excel chart generation.
  • Updated user and reference manual.
Year 2012
2012/12/23 1.0.0 Extended functionality and renaming from TcomOffice to CAWT.
  • Replaced Tcom with Twapi for COM access.
  • Added support for PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, Google Earth and Matlab.
  • Added user and reference manual.
  • Unification of procedure names.
  • Supports Microsoft Office versions 2003, 2007, 2010.
Year 2011
2011/08/28 0.4.1 Extended functionality.
  • New TcomExcel functionality: Support for Matlab MAT-Files (Level 4) and photo images (1-channel float RAW).
2011/07/17 0.4.0 Extended functionality and renaming of extension.
  • Renamed package to TcomOffice.
  • New module TcomWord for Word automation (rudimentary).
  • New TcomExcel procedures: WordTableToWorksheet, WorksheetToWordTable.
  • Miscellaneous code and documentation cleanup.
2011/04/05 0.3.2 Extended functionality.
  • New procedures: SetMatrixValues, GetMatrixValues, TablelistToWorksheet, WorksheetToTablelist.
  • New module excelCsv.tcl for handling CSV data (used in clipboard copy and paste).
  • Two new test programs for new procedures.
  • Miscellaneous code and documentation cleanup.
2011/01/13 0.3.1 Extended functionality.
  • Added support for Excel 2010.
Year 2010
2010/10/29 0.3 Bug fixes and extended test programs.
  • Improved support for Excel 97 and 2007.
  • Extended test suite.
  • New generic AddLineChart procedure.
  • Incompatibility: Renamed Add*Chart procedures to Add*ChartSimple.
Year 2009
2009/09/19 0.2 Extended functionality and bug fixes.
  • Added support for Excel 2007 (Thanks to Cary Campbell).
  • New functions for dealing with images.
Year 2008
2008/09/11 0.1 Initial release
  • Support for Excel 2000 and 2003.

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